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Highline Enterprises, Inc. COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS





When registering as a bidder, we require that you provide evidence of having certified funds available to pay the seller in full for each purchase immediately after the purchase is made. (sample Bank Letter of Guarantee) As a courtesy to the sellers who may be waiting to leave, we ask buyers to pay for their purchases within one hour.


Bidders should be aware of the following:

  • Bids will only be accepted from registered bidders evidenced by an assigned number. The bidder registration fee is $30.00.
  • A 6% buyer’s fee will be added to your successful bid ($360 minimum). Funds must be in the form of certified checks, cashiers checks, or cash. Many bidders pay with cashiers or certified checks made payable to themselves, which can be endorsed at settlement. It is advisable to bring checks broken up into different denominations. For example, instead of bringing one check for $30,000, we suggest you bring several smaller checks and perhaps $1,000 in cash to cover any odd amounts.
  • Personal or business checks accompanied by an irrevocable letter of guarantee from a bank, and worded according to the enclosed sample, may be used in lieu of certified or cashiers checks. A bank letter merely stating that the prospective bidder is a good customer with a substantial balance in his/her account will not be sufficient to be issued a bidder number.
  • It is to your advantage to register in advance. Your bidder card will be sent to you in advance along with 2 V.I.P. passes saving you $20 at the gate and saving you from standing in long lines on sale day.



Vehicles to be auctioned will be displayed in advance, allowing ample time for inspection before they cross the auction block. Each car will display a window sticker designating its position in the auction. Cars will be auctioned in numerical sequence at the rate of approximately 20 cars per hour. Therefore, if you are interested in car #40, you can estimate that the car will be auctioned approximately two hours after the auction begins.