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TERMS OF AUCTION                                                                                                                                            Commission Rate 7% ($350 Minimum)

  1. Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville pays auctioneers, provides advertising, sale facility, clerks, cashiers and necessary sales help. This is an exclusive contract until 7 days after the sale date.
  2. Seller warrants he is sole and only owner and has right to sell vehicle and has clear title or consent of lien holder to sell.
  3. Titles returned after funds clear the bank or cash is received.
  4. Seller acknowledges that it is impossible to predict with certainty the prices which will be received for auctioned items. Accordingly, no such representation is made.
  5. Seller agrees that Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville assumes no liability for loss or damage to the vehicle, and Seller agrees to save Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville, Clarksville, TN, their agents and their employees harmless from any claims for bodily injury or property arising out of said auction sale. Seller to maintain insurance.
  6. Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville, shall not be responsible for the failure of any bidders to consummate their purchases or otherwise comply with the terms and conditions of the sale. If Seller sues Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville, Clarksville, TN, but does not obtain judgment, Seller shall reimburse Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville expenses for defense.
  7. Seller agrees to pay Thoroughbred Auto Auction Clarksville a 7% commission ($350 minimum) if Seller sells any car to anyone attending the auction within a 90 day period. This includes any cars sold away from the auction area or outside the entire auction facility.
  8. Seller agrees to abide by all auction policies.


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